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Vaticinating the outcome of United States Presidential election, 2020 - according to ancient astromancy

Vaticinating the outcome of United States Presidential election, 2020 - according to ancient astromancy

The process of decrypting the ancient texts of divination is rather a complicated task, the basic textual meaning often creates a very simplistic and inhibition free appearance but somewhere deep down it has some encrypted codes which after a very thorough scrutiny reveals its meaning to the contextual world. In this article, I tried to use the simple most deciphering techniques for the general readers, who might get disinterested if I go deeper into the scriptures and mathematics.

The US Presidential election of this year is important than probably any other year in the history. Almost every other person is interested to know what would be the outcome of it, which many believe can set the course of the future of mankind. Let's take a walk through the avenue of the ancient past and find out the result of this contest according to the Hindu predictive astrological scriptures. There are several ways of ascertaining the outcome, in this article I shall discuss a few briefly. We will follow a very general and uncomplicated methodology which might be comprehensible by all. Let's begin our journey of studying of stars and planets to know the unknown.

The Hindu predictive astrological system is mostly dependent on the nine major planets, but for the electional purpose the moment and movements of minor planets are all equally important. In this article we will discuss about only the major influences. So, we will gaze at the divine pattern which embroidered up on the heaven by the nine planets in that very moment of time to decipher the shape of the future to come. Let's find out what formation of the nine planets according to the Hindu system of predictive astrology will be formed on the day of 3rd of November, 2020.

The Moon is supposed to be the most dominant planet in these sort of calculations as it is the quickest among all.

Moon will be with Rahu (Dragon's Head) in the zodiac sign of Taurus. Moon and Rahu both will be in their exalted sign. Hence, both will be undoubtedly powerful. Moon rules over mind and Rahu is the planet for exaggeration. During the course of the day, Moon will come closer to Rahu. So, more polling than before is expected also occasional incidents of over impulsive behaviour of people could be noticed. It can also show a very one-sided polling. The lord of Taurus, Venus is in the sign of Virgo. Here Venus is bereft of strength. Venus is also in exchange of sign with Mercury. Who is combust by the Sun and in retrograde motion placed in the Libra. Mars in Pisces is also in retrograde motion and Mars seeing Venus from 7th will influence the young people to go berserk. Saturn in Capricorn is placed in the ninth house of dharma (religion) from Moon will keep a hold in the process to go out of the hand.

Savants of astrology have mentioned time and again about the relationship of zodiac sign of Gemini with all the matters related to United States. The lord of Gemini, Mercury retrograde and combust and hemmed between weak Venus in Virgo and exalted Ketu (Dragon's Tail) in Scorpio will make the days after election with full of legal complexities and public outrage. Here, we may see a role of Saturn watching Mars and Mars watching Venus and Mercury. Jupiter's aspect from Sagittarius to Gemini will linger the process as Jupiter is 8th from the Moon. Sagittarius is an Archer. The legend that the Archer's arrow in Sagittarius points to the heart of Antares in Scorpio. Hence the impact of Jupiter will also be on his adjacent zodiac sign of Scorpio. Ketu is residing there and the lord of Scorpio, Mars is in retrograde motion in the Pisces. So, Mars in a backward motion along with the Ketu (who is always in backward motion) is making a combination which indicates people who works secretly will become much active. Even after the election day this combination will persist. Ketu represents either a saint or a sinner. Ketu has a saint like Jupiter in his next sign and a very complicated Mercury in the sign before him. As Ketu moves always in a backward motion he is moving towards the Mercury to contact. Mercury represents intelligence and the business community. In this case both will be under a veil of smoke, which is often represented by Ketu. Mercury is also representative of young people. They will be confused and utterly frustrated about the whole thing as some secret events may continue to delay the result of the election.

Now, for the ultimate prediction to guess the winner, we also need the time and date of the declaration of result.

As the date and time of result is uncertain, all the guesswork should be done on the basis of the astral position of the 3rd of November.

The fight is between Democratic Party and the Republican Party.

The age old practice of name sign calculations can be implied to test the result. The first letter of Democratic Party is D, which corresponds to the zodiac sign of Cancer. The same for the Republican Party is R, which is represented by the zodiac sign of Libra. Now, from the above mentioned information we know in that particular date the lord of Libra - Venus is weak and a very complicated Mercury and weak Sun are positioned in that sign. On the contrary, the lord of Cancer - Moon is rather strongly placed with a strong Rahu. Hence, the candidate from the Democratic Party has the strongest possibility to come out as the winner of the contest.

But...wait! That's not the end of the story. There just may be something more in it. In that particular day retrograde planets like Rahu, Ketu, Mars and Mercury are playing a very vital and crucial role. Rahu represents anything which is temporary in nature. So, the final result after taking the postal votes into the consideration, can be totally opposite from the general poll results. In due course, a whole lot of debatable things might happen. At the end and after a lot of hullabaloo and controversies, the candidate from the Republican Party might come out as the winner by the slenderest possible margin.

The science and art of prediction rely heavily on the time, date and place of the future event. As there is no certain date on which the result will be declared, the whole prediction is currently based on the available information. If in the result date, the Moon moves to a more auspicious combination of planets than the 3rd of November then the whole matter might change. For example, Mercury will be in direct motion from the very next day and Mars from the 15th. Jupiter will also move into his next zodiac sign of Capricorn from 21st. All these changes will bring positivity and justice into act, but as of now, this analysis holds true.

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