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Towards new horizons

On its foundation day, the question that hovers over a million minds is why can’t Madhya Pradesh excel with excellent people?

I extend my heartiest greetings to people on the foundation day of Madhya Pradesh. It is a historic occasion for all of us. I also extend warm greetings to all those who are abroad and miss the beautiful landscapes and winsome memories of Madhya Pradesh.

My salutation to all those who have immeasurably contributed to the building of Madhya Pradesh and are passionately engaged in transforming the state.

Madhya Pradesh has come a long way. It is a magnificent state. It is not because of its peaceful ethnic diversity, mesmerising biodiversity and landscapes or breathtaking monuments. It is unique because of its peace-loving and enterprising people. Religious harmony or Sarva Dharm Sambhav is the hallmark of Madhya Pradesh.

Undoubtedly, the landscape of Madhya Pradesh is heavenly enough to hypnotise the visitors. The serene flow of Narmada river, freely moving majestic Tiger, the mystic beauty of Kanha National Park, poetry on stone Khajuraho, wonderful Maheshwari and Chanderi fabrics, ethnic culture and diversity and so on.

After six decades of journey, we are now renewing strategies for a better future.

I think we have lost precious time and energy in dialogues without focusing on strategic actions. Why can't Madhya Pradesh excel if its people are excellent? We are redrawing plans so that our universities excel, tourism flourishes and new milestones are achieved in industrial growth. Our youth can do wonders with their talent and enthusiasm. Our farmers can excel in their skills. We have to build new pathways to development and people will do wonder with their enduring strengths, talent and wisdom.

People deserve the credit of making Madhya Pradesh a peaceful state. We have learnt a lot. What Madhya Pradesh needs is excellent planning of human and natural resources while harnessing the existing infrastructure. The biggest capital with us is the enormous young talent pool. They need opportunities. It is our duty to create opportunities for them.

We have always respected the popular wisdom. All our policies and decisions reflect the aspirations of people.

Today, Madhya Pradesh is looking forward to new horizons. The greatest strength of the economy of Madhya Pradesh is its farm sector. Now, we have to promote entrepreneurship in the farming sector so that our farmers can become self-dependent. We are engaging young manpower into economic activity and are creating job opportunities for them. The objective of industrial development is to create jobs.

I think that the present should be well-managed and future should be well-planned. People of Madhya Pradesh are skilful, talented and full of wisdom. Every policy must reflect their aspirations. People rightfully deserve quality public services. We have plans to utilise Artificial Intelligence for effective delivery systems.

I believe in people's power. I believe in the talent of the young generation. I trust our entrepreneurs. I admire the strength of empowered women. Let it be very clear that this is the Government of People and with accountable governance, people will make Madhya Pradesh stronger in every respect. Madhya Pradesh will arise and take off. It is our commitment.

Kamal Nath is Chief Minister of Madhya Pradesh. Views expressed are strictly personal

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