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Fear and chaos

The whole world is shocked by the horror of the Coronavirus (COVID-19), which has also spread at Buckingham Palace in Britain. Therefore, the British royal family already relocated Queen Elizabeth from Buckingham Palace to Winding Castle. The 93-year-old queen and her husband, Charles Philip are now staying in this new palace. The British National Health Service (NHS) has announced that they have tested almost 70,000 people in the whole of the UK for COVID-19. The spread of the Coronavirus in Lothian, Midlothian, Glasgow and Edinburgh in Scotland has been increasing day by day. All schools, colleges, universities, pubs and public-private offices in Scotland are locked down from last Friday, March 20. On the street, the usual crowd of people flocking to shopping malls does not appear anymore. Meanwhile, British Conservative Party's MP Nadine Doris has also been infected with the Coronavirus. Last Thursday, during a program at the Prime Minister's residence, she was ill and taken to hospital from where she tested positive. British Prime Minister Boris Johnson has appealed to the public to be ever vigilant. Johnson has warned that tougher measures will be introduced if people fail to heed warnings about social distancing. He said, "Going outside now and taking exercise – you've got to take account of the medical advice and observe social distancing. If people can't do that, won't do that, don't do that then yes, of course, we're going to have to bring in tougher measures." The government has decided to send letters to every house in the nation to strongly advise the people against going out for at least 12 weeks. Now, all of Great Britain is in shock. We don't know what to expect from this global catastrophe.

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