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A rational thought

During this festive season, the conception of Rama in me kept getting challenged, believe me, a sheer ordeal that didn't allow me to soak in Diwali sentiments that are supposed to be suffused with radiance and rectitude. Pandemic, panic, pain, poverty, the words that the mind instantly connects to leave a trail of poignant ponderance. The thought that it's the wrath of the divine to cure the avarice in man, and correct the ecological order has widely gained currency. But then where is Rama to protect the good and destroy the evil? The non-existence of such segregation has always haunted me, illuminating the absurdity in the order, to put it in the right perspective the conception of the order predicated upon the belief in divine justice.

Why is a Rama born no more? Or a Krishna, or a Jesus, or a Mohammad as divine messengers? I believe history has killed God (Neitzche says enlightenment caused the death of God); only the prehistoric times had Gods incarnate, the proto history and early history — when the paucity of facts forced or facilitated fiction into history — had messiahs, and history has only saints like Gandhi, Martin Luther, so on and so forth. To put across my point in totality, I must say that in the prehistoric times, someone like Gandhi could have very well gone down as Lord Rama. While the glow of reason unveils the Gods and demystifies the mythology, brightening the mind, the heart darkens in tandem, the light of faith diminishing; philosophy is the greatest enemy of faith because it nourishes doubt and amplifies the voice of reason in man, practically reducing faith to the sedative that calms the mind and corrects the balance when the life tends to spin out of the hold, and reason flees away in the face of crisis. But then, a crisis is the fait accompli, and hence faith keeps refilling the sail with the wind, as the reason sets the sail in the direction.

So let's not wait for an impossible Rama, and instead explore Rama within us, that is there for sure, and strive to be righteous and may destroy the evil in our immediate vicinity, in our little ways. This way billions of Ramas we can have, and such Ramas will keep getting incarnated as humanity marches on generations after generations. And yes, the reach of such Ramas would be universal. Man can not only create God but perpetuate Him too, the thrill throbs in me as I conclude this expression of my thoughts that agreed to be the garb of my nebulous emotions after an intense struggle, seething but satisfying.

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