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A failure of humanism

A horrifying incident was caught on video recently that shows up to 50 migrants including women, children and senior citizens who were returning to their homes in Uttar Pradesh from Noida and Delhi, being made to sit at the Bareilly bus stand and then forcibly be sprayed with chemicals to disinfect them. It is a shameless thing indeed that first they were told to wait at the bus stand by officials and promised that they will be provided buses to their respective homes and moreover they will be given food. Instead, they were treated like dirt. The sanitising team sprayed the group with a diluted mixture of sodium hypochlorite. They are human beings like us, not animals. A report says that some of these migrants may have fallen ill due to chemicals and were hospitalised. The government should take some measure or strict action against the offenders so that such crimes against human decency are not repeated.

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