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Opening a new chapter

Opening a new chapter
The event was an initiative to strengthen the relationship between India and Korea and provided an opportunity to enhance the cultural ties between the two countries.  The exhibition showcased around 50 artworks modelled by eleven traditional and nine modern craftsmen from Korea.

Commenting on the exhibition, curator Choi Jeung Choel said, ‘This exhibition is an amalgamation of Korea’s traditional and modern craftsmanship. Lacquer, wood work and stitching are the traditional techniques which have been displayed in this exhibition. The moon-shaped pieces are mainly traditional and are made in pure white colour reflecting simplicity, the modern pieces are more colourful and can also be used for practical work in households. The modern, elegant and simple craft works of Korea represent its sentiment and aesthetic sensitivity.’

Park Geun-Hye, elucidating on the importance of the occasion said, ‘Culture can play a very important role as it has the power to enhance mutual understanding between the two people and bring them closer. Culture brings great joy and pleasure to the people. I was told that K-Pop was greeted with considerable affection and popularity by Indian people. Conversely Bollywood films, yoga and Indian food are also very popular in Korea.’

It was the first time that the audio guide was launched in any foreign language apart from the already existing Hindi and English.  The Archaeological Survey of India in the cooperation with the Korean Cultural Centre India came to create a Korean audio guide in order to give a better understanding to Korean tourists visiting the site.  This effort taken on behalf of the Governments of both the nations will build not only economical but cultural and historical relationship for future.

Answering to why the particular historical monument was chosen for the event, Secretary to the President for Culture and Sport, Kim So-Young said, ‘The reason why we chose Red Fort for this exhibition is that so many people visit here and it’s symbolic in that sense. What we would like to present is a very traditional and most Korean exhibition that we can.’
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