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Only 18% students from tier-2 MBA courses land job offers this season

The salary packages offered at these B-schools have also been curtailed by 40-45 per cent as compared to last year, according to the survey of the industry body.

‘Economic slowdown, stalling of new projects and investors’ apathy towards key sectors like infrastructure, hotels, financial services, realty and retail have led to drying of job opportunities for several students from the b-category business schools, with only 18% students landing job offers,’ it said.

India has been struggling with below 5 per cent economic growth, with the country’s GDP clocking 4.7 per cent growth in the third quarter ended December, 2013. The economic
slowdown has not only killed jobs, but several B-schools are forced to shut down due to parents and students rethinking on investing two years and several lakhs in a course that may not lead to employment, the survey noted.

‘Many parents and students are re-thinking on investing 2-3 years and several lakhs in a course, with the demand and placement of MBA graduates not as good as before due to slowdown. Around 450 institutions have become defunct as they are not getting enough students to be viable,’ Assocham Secretary General D S Rawat said.

India’s consumer confidence highest since 2012 Q4: Nielsen

New Delhi: Consumer confidence level in India jumped six points in the first quarter of the current fiscal, the highest optimism level since the fourth quarter of 2012, says a Nielsen global survey. Consumer confidence score in India in the ongoing fiscal’s first quarter was at 121, against 115 in the previous quarter. India retains its position as the second most-optimistic country in the survey.

Indonesia leads the global index with 124 points and the Philippines is in third place with 116 points. ‘Consumer confidence levels above and below a baseline of 100 indicate degrees of optimism and pessimism,’ Nielsen said in a statement. As per the survey, sixty-eight per cent of urban respondents in India feel the country is going through a recessionary phase and within this more than half (54 per cent) say the country will be out of this recessionary phase in the next 12 months.

Commenting on the survey findings, Nielsen India President Piyush Mathur said: “Consumers are reconciled to the negative economic conditions and despite the challenge of inflation, are hoping for a better fiscal year. They are optimistic that overall sentiment and investment will pick-up gradually.”

The Nielsen Global Survey of Consumer Confidence and Spending Intentions, established in 2005, measures consumer confidence, major concerns, and spending intentions among more than 30,000 respondents with Internet access in 60 countries. The latest round of the survey was conducted between February 17 and March 7, 2014.
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