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One with nature

One with nature
An exhibition heavily inspired by nature and the way its unfolds itself to provide calmness to human mind when modernization of life seems to be the general trend, Nature and you - is a creation by Akmal Hussain and Keiko Mima. The exhibition will be held at A8 in the capital's Connaught place and is on till 10 December.

Akmal Husain's set of work is heavily inspired by nature it celebrates the pure and simple joys of nature. The central theme of his works is always the beauty and bounty of nature. Nature depicted in her rich nuances of green, nature be-decked with colored blossoms, nature punctuated with a solitary figure by the hut, with a goat or a cow, giving a sense of repose to the wandering soul.

As one rambles through the coolness of the banana and bamboo groves on a summer afternoon, listening to the chirping of birds, penetrating deeper into the layered foliage, pausing under the chatim tree to fill one’s lungs with fragrant oxygen, then looking up at the palm trees which seem so close to the skies, one wonders as one walks on virtually through Akmal Husain’s paintings, questioning that man has really gained by leaving all this beauty behind in our modern lives.

He sees the world through naive eyes, as if discovering the secrets of Nature for the first time. With a hand for details as inspired from the Indian miniatures, rendering its leafy treasures in a linear and lyrical manner, he gives a decorative and designed quality to the landscape.

Akmal Hussain has exhibited his work across India and Japan. His works are a part of major collections in India and abroad.

Keiko Mima's work too draws its inspiration from nature. Her works captures the surprises locked up in the various elements of nature. She feels flowers express something deeper. Their beauty is not limited to their shape and colour. They are like human beings, or one might even say that they are more sensitive. This and many other aspects about nature have often led her to believe that there is interconnection between nature and divine which one is constantly surrounded by. The pursuit of capturing these surprises in nature have often led the artist conflicted but its pursuit has also added immense joy.  She hopes to continue this search and someday recognize the more concrete guidance and presence of the divine working through her work.

Where: A8 Connaught Place, Level II, Inner Circle, 110001 When:  On till 10 December

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