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One-of-a-kind Durga idol in Behala pays homage to African tribal customs

Nafar Chandra Das Road Sarvojanin Sarodstav Behala is worshipping Goddess Durga with the unique theme of ‘Ekundayo,’ which in an African tribal language means end of sorrow and beginning of happiness.

Contrary to what is often seen in some parts of India, a few tribes in Africa have such unique gender prejudice that the birth of a girl child is always celebrated.

Their huts are decorated with leaves and bones of wild animals. Traditional dances are held in accompaniment with musical instruments, to celebrate the arrival of the girl child.

A spokesperson for the club Abhijit Chakravorty, said the main idea behind their pandal is peace and not violence, which is why their idol of Ma Durga does not wield any weapons, unlike that in many other pandals.

“The story starts with the restoration of peace after the killing of the Asura, or the evil force. In 2013, the theme of our club was Buddha Shanti and the Goddess held 10 lotuses in her hands instead of weapons,”Chakravorty said.

Moreover, the colour of the idols of Goddess Durga and her two daughters, Saraswati and Lakshmi, are bronze and not white, the usual colour.

Their hairstyles too are similar to those of African tribal women: curly and thick.

The huts that are found in African villages have been recreated through models. There are models of weapons used by African tribes to hunt animals.

The lighting arrangements have been made such that they convey the ambience of the village homes.
People visiting the pandal will feel as if they have arrived in an African village, organisers of the pandal said.
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