One million youth for peace

One million  youth for peace
The event was organised to honour the UN peacekeepers who lost their lives for maintaining peace and stability in the world and to pay tribute to the men and women who have served and continue to serve in UN peacekeeping operations.

The event was organised in four cities of the nation – Delhi University, New Delhi in association with Sunny Dedha, Vice president of DU, Adarsh Balniketan High School, Kishtwar ,  Parmarth Aashram, Rishikesh and in Mewar, Udaipur .

The first UN peacekeeping mission was established in 1948. After that on every May 29, UN offices alongside Member States and NGOs hold events to honour fallen peacekeepers. Each year, they all gather to salute the peacekeepers for their high degree of bravery and dedication.  

Till April 2016, 3,400 military, police and civilian personnel have lost their lives in the service of peacekeeping, to curb the acts of violence, accidents and diseases. For more than 70 years, UN Peacekeeping has proven to be a legitimate, reliable and effective tool in facilitating the transition from conflict to peace. 

Peacekeepers courageously risk their lives in order to bring stability to some of the world’s most vulnerable population. As the size, complexity and accomplishments of peacekeeping have grown, unfortunately so have the risks to the ‘Blue Helmets’ increased. Last year, 129 peacekeepers lost their lives. They all were from vastly different backgrounds, but shared heroism and the belief that UN peacekeeping is, and must always remain a global force for good. 

Rachna Sharma, the Founder and Chairperson of ‘Vision 2021 - One Million youth for peace’, is passionate about inspiring the next generation to be the leaders of the new society: a society that learns, loves and lives. With this mission in her heart, Rachna founded Vision 2021 - One Million youth for peace in Dec 2015. 

Vision 2021 is an educational and humanitarian movement engaged in initiatives raising awareness about peace and purpose amongst youth through Vision Matrix. In today’s era, the most precious trait in a leader is authenticity; leaders who are in absolute alignment with their souls and are proud to manifest the authentic beauty of their dreams; leaders who believe inner peace is indeed the way to world peace. 

The initiative is expected to inspire youth via awareness campaigns & opportunities that will bring peace and increase happiness index of the country.



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