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One arrested for printing fake currency in Jadavpur

In a major breakthrough, the city police arrested a person involved in printing of fake Indian currency in a rented accommodation at Jadavpur on Sunday morning.

A police officer said that the accused Ranuranjan Bora is originally a resident of Madhya Pradesh. He had started living at Bapujinagar in Jadavpur a few months ago, posing as a businessman.

Often people from states including Jharkhand and Bihar used to visit his house, which led to suspicion among some of the locals.

The accused used to be involved with the local people and told them that the visitors from other states used to come to meet him for business purposes.

Recently, the locals started to observe that the number of people coming to his house had steadily increased.

They used to come either with bags or brief cases and used to leave the place after staying around half an hour or so.

On Sunday morning, some youth suddenly entered the flat of the accused, as they had seen a person leaving the house suspiciously late Saturday night.

After entering his flat, they found bundles of currency strewn at different places in the room. Moreover, one side of the notes was white as they were yet to be printed.

They informed other residents of the area and dragged the accused out of his house after informing the police.

Police reached the spot and searched his flat. A computer, a printer machine, paper used to print currency and a large number of counterfeit currencies were seized from the flat. Officers from the Special Task Force (STF) also visited the house.

Police later came to know that the accused used to buy antique items and hold auctions for those articles in different parts of the country. He had even sent some articles abroad for auction.

The police thus suspect that Bora could be a member of an international fake currency racket.

A police officer said that it is not possible to run such an operation by oneself in the city. 

There are some more persons from the city are involved in it. Police have initiated a search in areas including Netajinagar, Manicktala and Behala.

In another incident, the owner of a store of a network service provider and five employees were arrested on charges of making fake voters identity cards.

A team headed by SDPO Ranaghat conducted a raid in the store and arrested the accused, including the owner Srikumar Bhattacharya.
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