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On the strains of their accordions

On the strains of their accordions
Delhi can prepare for a magical evenings as the Embassy of Colombia presents a set of events that will give the capital city a chance to soak up some culture with the famous Vallenato music. 

Vallenato is a combination of Colombian and afro-European rhythms, that emanates from the Caribbean villages of Valle De Upar in Colombia, the South American Nation. It is a form of popular folk music with four types of rhythm styles, namely Puya, Merengue, Son and Paseo.

The first event is a special screening of The Accordion's Journey, followed by interaction with Colombian director Rey Sagbini on 19 December at Siri For Auditorium. The Accordion's Journey is about how for 16 years the Colombian accordion virtuoso Manuel Vega and his group have been trying to win at the world’s most important Vallenato music festival, Festival de la Leyenda Vallenata, held in Valledupar, Colombia. For 16 years, success has eluded them. One day a letter arrives: an invitation to play alongside the legendary Hohner Accordion Orchestra in Trossingen, Germany. Vega and his group embark on an epic journey that takes them to the origins of the accordion, a journey that will change their lives forever.  This docu-drama won the 2013 Cartagena International Film Festival: Audience Award. 

The next day (20 December) will feature the legendary accordionist and Vallenato King Alvaro Meza in a conference followed by a short live concert.

Meza is born in Valledupar has dedicated his life  to Accordion music. In 2001, he attained  the title of 'Vallenato King' at the renown Festival for this music genre, Festival de la Leyenda Vallenata, held in Valledupar, Colombia,which has been taking place for the past 46 years.

He was invited to play with the Hohner Accordion Orchestra in Germany on 2 occasions in 1994 and 1995 during the European Festival of Accordion.

WHEN: 19, 20 December, 7 pm
WHERE: Siri Fort Auditorium
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