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On the road to change

 MPost |  2013-07-22 20:06:38.0  |  New Delhi

On the road to change

Traversing the length and breadth of India since 2011, Max Chandra is spreading awareness on the issues that are crippling the country. Chandra, who walks about 40 km a day, on an average, came to the capital as a part of his northern sojourn on 20 July.

A British citizen of part-Indian origin, he is a man with a mission--a mission to go across the country and sensitize Indians in order to make a change, futuristically. He braved rain and sun, jungles, mountains, deserts and plains to raise funds and create awareness for the people in India.
Chandra has taken roughly over 5,798,080 steps, covered a distance of over  4,415 km, and crossed ten states on his epic walk so far.

He is extending support to causes that are close to his heart, through his charity foundation, One Step at a Time, just by Walking for a Cause! His story is one of heroism and grit that inspires passion for a social change.



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