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On salary day, long queues and chaos outside banks

People in Delhi had a harrowing time for the 22nd day post demonetisation as they stood in long queues for hours outside banks to exchange their Rs 500 and Rs 1,000 notes and even withdraw money as many ATMs had not stocked up cash. 

On Wednesday, as salaries got credited to many bank accounts, there was more chaos and disappointment outside banks and ATMs. 

The November 8 demonetisation drive has made it very difficult for people to deal with total cash payments to pay their domestic helps, drivers, grocery and utility bills. 

Even on the 22nd day, several branches of banks ran out of Rs 2,000 notes within a few hours of business. 

A Millennium Post correspondent, who went from bank to bank both in New Friends Colony shopping centre and Ashram-Bhogal area, found people queued up in huge numbers to withdraw their salaries. they were annoyed by the rush and showed resentment about the banks setting their own arbitrary limits and rules for withdrawals. 

“I have been standing in the queue for past two hours as I have to pay my maid and grocery bills in cash. I somehow managed to convince my landlord to accept the rent in cheque but I am bound to visit the bank for other payments,” said Raj Kumar, a resident of Taimur Nagar in South-east Delhi.

“It is so humiliating that we have to stand in long queues and beg for our own money. I am sure, tomorrow (December 1) will be even worse as maximum number of people will receive salaries in their accounts,” said a Jamia Millia professor. “It’s the end of the month and I am supposed to pay bills. I came to withdraw Rs 24,000 but was allowed only Rs 10,000. How will I manage all the bills and expenses with just Rs 10,000 in hand?” Rajesh Singh said.

An MNC employee also complained about banks not conforming to the rules about the withdrawal limit. 
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