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When Narendra Modi was in Japan, wooing the island country he knew at the back of his hand that Australian prime minister Tony Abbott was already in Mumbai for his two day trip. The civil nuclear deal which remained elusive in Tokyo was worked out with Abbott in New Delhi. This development came after years of Australian concern to whether supply India with uranium or not? There was always a degree of doubt over India’s integrity over uranium usage which changed over night with the arrival of a new government and a new prime minister in Modi. The scales have since then tilted. Mr Modi is currently in the continent nation and as expected he is making his charisma felt amongst the Australian and Indian diasporas there. The G20 summit is one of the major meetings in which global leaders gather to discuss issues of global might and relevance. Being hosted by Brisbane, the summit has given the Indian prime minister an opportunity to not just interact with the other leaders but also impress upon the Australian leadership with his clear thought process and his continued efforts to reach out to every nation of the world, big or small. Call it an intended push by Australian authorities to cement ties with India but Modi’s unveiling of Mahatma Gandhi’s statue in Brisbane is sure to have political connotations back in the country. His Swachh Bharat Abhiyan is modelled on Gandhian principles and Mr Modi, overwhelmed by the gesture, mentioned how both the countries share a ‘special bond’. His trysts outside Indian borders, which often become a matter of great debate and appreciation, must be taken into account in a positive frame of mind. The lecture which the Indian PM is scheduled to deliver on Tuesday in Melbourne, is bound to attract some 500 CEO’s and managing directors of Australia’s biggest companies. Modi will roll out his plan of action and there is every possibility that it will find many takers. Being the first Indian PM to visit Australia in 28 years is in itself an indication how unimportant Australia remained for India. The Allphones Arena at Olympic Park in Sydney, Australia’s biggest city is waiting to hear the man who charmed NYC’s Madison Square. While all public gatherings do definitely matter, it is the amount of business he is able to generate that will matter back home.  
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