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On a creative odyssey

 MPost |  2013-07-10 19:15:30.0  |  New Delhi

On a creative odyssey

Bringing together fifty selected paintings by 12 contemporary artists, exploring some exciting themes, Karma Art has organised an exhibition from 12 to 16 July. Titled Spandan, the show is organised by Rajan Arora, head of Karma Art and will be exhibited at the Visual Art Gallery at the Habitat Centre. The artworks showcased in this exhibition feature artists from varied backgrounds, styles and schools of thought. 

Artists in the exhibition include Manisha Gawade, Shridhar Iyer, Alka Raghuvanshi, H. C. Ahuja, Niren Sengupta, Roop Chand, Sanjay Soni, Prince Chand, Darshan, Radhey Shyam, N. Young. These senior and emerging artists have explored themes which are a unique mix of figurative and abstract works. 

 demonstrates how artists in this exhibition have re- imagined and harnessed the idea of creativity in art to help create a new variety of work. As you explore these new art works by contemporary artists of varied backgrounds, you would realize that potential new approaches and ideas allow for experimentation. For many artists, abstract art offers a medium to express their opinion and commentary on the social, political and community concerns.

Some of the works which demonstrate this notion of creativity and experimentation include, the quite solitude of the Buddha to the Bansidhar figurative abstract by Niren Sengupta. Few other paintings strike the right chord between spirituality and peace. 'In showcasing works with such varied taste side-by-side, we are better able to draw connections between artists and ideas, and create a more holistic and nuanced picture of the art movement today', says Arora.
'These pieces are rich in story, character and can easily energize spaces in which they are displayed,’ he adds.
Some of his personal favourites include, paintings which have a unique style and display surrealism.



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