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On a collision course

On a collision course
A plethora of dance, music and theatre, The Park’s New Festival 2014 will showcase new and emerging work in the field of performing arts for the Indian audience. The festival aims to bring together international and local artists at a world class forum to celebrate art and culture. 

Started in the year 2007 in Chennai, the festival started touring six cities making it the only National Contemporary Performance Arts Festival in India. The eighth edition of the festival which will start from Kolkata, will travel to six cities including Mumbai, Delhi, Hyderabad, Bangalore and Chennai. There will also be workshops conducted by the Avant Garde Dance Company in all 6 cities.

Avant Garde is an East London Dance Associate Company pushing the boundaries of hip-hop and contemporary dance. The company was formed to bring together a group of like-minded dancers to explore more unusual, abstract and artistic ideas away from the mainstream. Their performance will include The Black Album, Omega, A Classical Break and the Dark Matter. 

Notes on Chai is a devised performance by Jyoti Dogra. Dogra is an actress and performance artiste who has attempted to create her own contemporary language of performance. Notes on Chai is a collection of snippets of everyday conversations interwoven with abstract sound explorations that together create a series of images.

Azeem Banatwalla is the jack of all trades and master of puns. An engineer turned writer turned comedian, he is a regular at Mumbai’s Canvas Laugh Factory  as well as dozens of pubs and clubs around the country. He is a member of East India Comedy, Indian’s busiest comedy company.

Filter Coffee is an Indian ethnotronic collaborative project brought to life by tabla player/percussionist SwarupaAnanth and flautist ShriramSampath – both who also double up as music producers. Filter Coffee will be collaborating with Jahnvi Shrimankar and VJ Shreya Naik for this performance. 

Between The Web and The Loomis a collaboration between Joan Baxter (tapestry artiste), John McGeoch (moving image artiste), Claire Pençak (choreographer), Shamita Ray (dancer) and James Wyness (composer). This collection of finely crafted moving image works, explore themes around weaving through textiles, sound and dance.

K Two is an improvised performance based on the character of Madame K. Two dancers explore the limits of the movements of video game characters executed by human bodies. As in street performances, this piece plays out the video game and the two individuals captured inside it in a public space.  
Delhi’s shows are scheduled from 8-13 November at different venues. 
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