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On 6 months of Modi govt, Cong dubs it ‘U-turn sarkar’

Attacking the BJP and Prime Minister Narendra Modi, the Congress released a booklet listing 25 U-turns made by the incumbent government in the last six months.

Addressing media persons at the AICC office, party general secretary Ajay Maken said the pace at which U-turns were being made was such that three issues came to limelight after the booklet had gone into print on Friday. The latest to U-turn identified by Maken are — holding back information on the death of Subhas Chandra Bose, swapping land with Bangladesh and government’s stand on civil nuclear liability bill. “The Modi government is a U-turn Sarkar, a government of imitation and industrialists. Congress cannot be a silent accomplice to the farce being enacted in the name of government,” he said.

Labelling the Modi-government as ‘U-turn Sarkar’ the handout aims at apprising people about Modi’s ‘Mann ki asli baat’, which in itself is a dig at PM’s monthly address on radio known as ‘Mann ki Baat’.

Maken said that home minister Rajnath Singh during the Lok Sabha poll campaign had mentioned that the country needs to know what were the circumstances and the facts of Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose’s death.

The government, however, in a reply to a recent application under RTI act has refused to make the documents public in this connection. “Congress asks Rajnath Singh and BJP what happened. Should the BJP and Rajnath not apologise to the people of India for misleading them,” he said.

Maken questioned how the same members of the BJP who objected to the Congress’ stand on the land deal, are ready to deliver the same accepting the same terms and how their legal sense has changed within just six months. “BJP opposed the deal with Bangladesh when Congress was in power but now they have taken a U-turn on the same. It seems that the BJP only wanted to politicise the Bangladesh issue,” he added. NDA-government’s stand on Civil Nuclear Liability Bill was stated as the third of the latest U-turns by the government.

Apart from these three, the 22 issues in the booklet include the NDA-government’s inconsistent stand on black money, Indo-China relationship, relationship with Pakistan, BJP’s stand on direct benefit transfer, Insurance Bill, Henderson Brooks Report and BJP-NCP Alliance. Other issues on which Congress accused the government of U-turns are alliance with separatists in Kashmir, BJP’s stand on CAG reports, Rail fare hike, blow to farmers, diesel deregulation, non-appointment of CIC, CVC and others.

Maken told reporters: “Six months down the lane, Modi government stands out for three simple characteristics — U-turn on promises, mere renaming and plagiarising UPA’s programmes and schemes and decisions that involves selling out public/national interests for the benefit of friendly corporate houses,” he said adding that: “People, nation and Congress want to know whether the temptations of power had made you so blind that you opposed everything by the Congress-led government to just come to power?”
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