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Of toys and terrorism

Bad news for all you Iron Man fans out there. The man fixes himself for good. No more electro-magnetic shield for him. Looks like the franchise subscribes to ‘three times lucky’.

But before he gets around to that, he gives us a bonanza of Iron Man stunts, throwing in gadgets and moves guaranteed to dazzle. This time round, we also get an army of Iron Men. For a minute, the team had us going though, what with Pepper Potts (Gwyneth Paltrow) turning extremis. Just when you thought fourth installment perhaps will see the duo – the cool dude and hot babe – putting an end to all things evil together, Tony Stark (Robert Downey Jr) puts an end to that. Paltrow does kick ass oh-so-stylishly when given a chance. Oh well. But Stark does say, rather cryptically, ‘I am still Iron Man’. And Wikipedia quotes Don Cheadle as saying, ‘The door is always left open in these kinds of movies’. Iron Man without electro-magnectic shield? Interesting. Now that Iron Man has hung up his suits, perhaps we would get a plot-worthy film next time? The kind that women folk will also enjoy?

As for Iron Man 3, it sticks to the format. We have the usual suspects and, predictably, America goes all out to weed out the bad ones. Iron Man gets a new moniker that he is not very happy about – Iron Patriot – just so the stars and stripes are sharply in focus again. The Oriental twang to the background music in scenes showing destruction caused by terrorism sends chill down the spine, alright. Talk about prejudices. Ben Kingsley, who plays Mandarin, the Bin Laden like terrorist, has a ball by the way, especially when his identity is revealed. Jingoism could not have had a better time than in the Iron Man series. Catastrophe strikes America all over again. It is almost pulled under, but for the army of Iron Men. And Pepper Potts in her sports bra. God bless America. Sit tight, you’ll get through this one. We have definitely seen worse.
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