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Of tantriks and tantrums

Our society at large has always been god-fearing, hence, been approaching the saints, astrologers and tantriks when in trouble or deep waters.  The politicians are no exception to this as they have been in the habit of pleasing their personal godman, tantriks and spiritual guides.  Even during feudal times, the kings and nawabs used to have such well wishers as their ratnas and navaratnas.  The present leaders have also been taking steps as per instructions of their spiritual mentors and have also been performing rituals and poojas to ensure better future and keep bad omens out.

Former chief minister, Bihar and RJD chief recently visited a tantric Pagla Baba probably to seek his blessings for a favourable judgment by a special CBI court in Jharkhand in the fodder scam case.  The court is likely to pronounce its judgement soon.  Prior to this, the Supreme Court may decide on the request made by Lalu yadav for replacing the judge in question. Lalu is accused of having embezzled funds to the tune of Rs 35 crore.  It is learnt Lalu performed a special pooja and ritual as per the prescription of the Tantrik, Pagla Baba, Vibhuti Narayan of Mirzapur district in UP. 

The tantric is being mentioned as an incarnation of Lord Shiva, hence, possessing super natural powers.  It is understood that Lalu yadav has been a regular visitor to this place, though he visited along with his wife this time to invoke tantric power hoping better days ahead.  Most of the politicians publicly or secretly contact them to know about the timings of their political wilderness to end.  It is also learnt that Lalu Yadav was advised by his astrologers to put a different kind of stone-studded ring on his all fingers to keep his post of the chief minister safe forever in the aftermath of the fodder scam.

The RJD supremo had thrown away all his valuable rings in the river Ganges when he had to quit the post to make way for his wife Rabri to take over.
The tantriks had been influential enough to recommend prized and coveted, or malaidar postings. There had been one or two gurus and tantriks who failed in making their disciples bag the post of the prime minister.  The Telegu cine star and the then chief minister of Andhra Pardesh, NTR, was advised by his confident guru to sleep in the attire of Ardhanarishwar, which would help him in taking over the top post, but NTR soon lost his CM post to his son-in-law.  The other intelligent Thakur was also depending on a baba who couldn’t help him in getting the top post. The capital of UP, Lucknow, had an an influential tantrik, Baltibaba, who claimed to have granted the post of CM to at least two of his disciples.

The most influential tantrik in the country has been godman Chandraswami.  A controversial tantrik had been in the limelight for a long period. It is understood that he obtained supernatural powers called siddhis and he was a believer in the Goddess Maa Kali.  He used to give spiritual advice to the prime ministers of India, Sultan of Brunei, Sheikh of Bahrain, Elizabeth Taylor, British Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher, Adnan Khashoggi and others. It is also understood that he advised Margaret Thatcher to tie a tabeez on her arm and put red attires on Tuesdays to fulfil her wishes.

Chandraswami told Margaret Thatcher about her taking over as PM during such and such period.  She was highly impressed with him.  Chadraswami proved his mettle as a reliable astrologer and later as a tantric. His association with the then prime ministers - PV Narsimha Rao and Chandrashekhar had been well known.  Chandraswami became an inseparable part of the key persons who were matters at that point of time. During the regime of Rao, Chandraswami built a palatial ashram - Vishwa Dharmayatan Sanathan at Qutub Institutional Area at New Delhi.  The land for the ashram is supposed to have been allotted during the regime of earlier prime ministers.  Chandraswami was born in a Jain family ,though he achieved the status of a Hindu tantrik who enjoyed frequent and easy access to the corridors of power for many years. His aura started diminishing fast as legal cases made him helpless and powerless.

It is difficult to do without these sorts of so called astrologers, mahatamas and saints. They expect a golden harvest during the election days and when the prized posts of ministers are about to be allotted and the incumbents are being picked up. The aspirants make a beeline for such godmen and astrologers. The politicians follow their advise despite disagreeing to the same since they expect a golden days for them to return.   

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