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Of soul and serenity

Of soul and serenity
The artist through her work challenges the assumptions about femininity and abstraction. Her work is bold and unbound, completely unrestrained by formal academic logic of composition and balance, thus allowing her to explore her own subjectivity and its expressions. “My Experiences with Truth is a deeply layered series, and can stand as metaphors space and explorations. Yet it let one see exploration of moments that are very violent, extremely tender and completely innocent,” says Rashmi Khurana.

Her acts of silence, deliberately letting go of her conscious mind, seeks her inner self and explores the unknown within her. Her works bring the viewers into a zone that sets their souls free.

“I want to see and sense the objects that I paint, rather than to simply reproduce them. Most of my paintings are impressions of my observations that I express with total freedom of formulation using vibrant colours and bold strokes. My way of art practice is more about being with the ‘act of painting’, I try to suspend my consciousness and let colours forms and techniques flow through me”, says Rashmi Khurana.

Rashmi Khurana is a self taught artist, from New Delhi. As an avid traveller she got exposure and experience of working with various national and international artists over the period of time. After being a prominent part of over 12 group shows and four solo shows, Rashmi is now coming up with this solo show which holds her own way of experimentation with her genre.

Where: Niv Art Centre, Neb Sarai, Sainik Farms
Date : 19 December till 30 January, 2015
Timings: 11 am till 7 pm

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