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Of Sex, lies and artscapes

Of Sex, lies and artscapes
Her ideas flow; senses come alive as she uses women’s breasts and nipples to communicate her concerns on gender issues. Joshi belongs to a new breed of young artists, who have no qualms in addressing identity issues like sexuality and feminism in a direct, bold and often radical manner.

Several forms have been integrated to these extraordinary and surreal sculptures, in varying complexities and sizes. Her ingenious ideas break away from the ordinary mould as her hard-hitting images seizes the viewer’s attention.

She creates the ridiculous to make an observation on life and society and reacts against censorship of the female body that still prevails in our society. Why is the same breast that was precious when it fed a child treated as a sexual object, seriously questions the artist. For the artist a nipple without a breast is just an innocent brown circle and does not merit censorship. Moreover, she seems to be saying, ‘I am a woman everywhere, not just in my breasts!’

Joshi’s voyage into self-discovery and experiment are intense in works like the large Roots and Wings. The artist presents the challenge of identity faced by women. For Joshi it is as important for a woman to be able to define herself with situations and conditions she is born with, as well as departures from them.

Megha started her career as a Set Designer and Art Director for film and television, with over seventy projects to her credit, before returning to full time art practice. She has participated in numerous curated group shows and residencies, both nationally and internationally including R.A.P.E at Art Bull, The Embedded Landscape at Religare Arts and Make/Do at Gallery Ske. Her work has been exhibited at the India Art Summit 2009 and 2011 and the India Art Fair 2012 and 2013.

Megha has also been part of several residencies like those at Religare Arts, New Delhi, Scotland, and an International art residency and exhibition in Iceland, supported by the Ministry of Science and Culture of Iceland.

Megha trained as a sculptor has a natural talent of drawing and doodling. Her fluid thoughtful lines mark some particular ink and watercolor /mixed media works that simply stand out by their sheer intensity. Megha’s practice spans Sculpture and Installation art and she works with a vast array of media including her recent stint with photography using herself as a subject. She puts together a high impact show, with the intent to awaken consciences rather than merely shock right from her soul, a silent rebellion, not to be ignored.

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