Of one and the other

Of one and the other
Frolicking with colours imbibes a variety of connotations and to explain it through art, the Capital is ready to host a solo show of paintings titled Mook Samvad by Deepika Mishra. The week-long exhibition will start on Wednesday.

Mishra says the theme of all her paintings is love. They revolve around relationship between married couples. Mishra says: “A firm belief in reincarnation has led me paint my subjects in that light,” 
Mishra lays an stress on the selection of colours in her paintings. She says colours depict human emotions. “The colours used in the paintings describe the relationship between a man and his wife. Women are associated with various emotions and depicting them perfectly is a challenge.”

The acrylic artist added: “I love to dabble with colours. Women have always been an intriguing topic of my paintings.” 

“To display emotions in paintings, the mood needs to be blended with colours. So, I use of acrylics to depict the mood of a soul – their  emotions  – in perfect harmony with the nature,” added Mishra.
The painter said: “The technique I have used is Anuvedh, which means blending. The acrylic on canvas depicts seamless blending of souls, with songs and colours of the earth. We are, from what we arise, the earth. While one part of our soul is connected to the earth, leaves, trees, sand and water; the other is connected to ‘Brahma’ – the Supreme Being. This offering aspires to give expression to our connection to the earth.” 

The artist also paints landscapes, abstracts, military depictions, murals, water colours and mixed media creations. 

She is also adept in using various other techniques for painting such as brushes, knives, charcoal, glass paint, glass, tiles and deco. Mishra is also a singer and has participated in a number of musical events. She says singing has always been her passion. 

Where: Beanstalk, Gurgaon When: June 17 -23 Timings: 10:30 AM to 8 PM



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