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Of old money and good food

Of old money and good food
Consider this. You walk into a restaurant and head for the buffet. You look for the buffet table but don’t find one. When you ask the staff, they direct you to a vintage car instead. Sounds incredible?

Well, at Chor Bizarre that happens to be reality. Bang in the middle of this restaurant in Asaf Ali Road, you will find a 1935 model Fiat Volella, laden with delicacies of every sort. And that is just the beginning of surprises at this place which screams old money and class.

There’s a surprise waiting for you at every table. While one is made using the sideboards of an antique four-poster bed, another has been carved out of a sewing machine, some others have antique silver jewellery beneath the glass. Each chair and table here has been done differently and yet, none of it looks out of place. There are antique lamps, chests, paintings, torches, old fans, figurines, a dysfunctional jukebox — all of which have been used as décor which can be best called ‘classy’. And the best part? Proud staff who know every detail about each piece and will happily show you around.

The nouveau riche will clearly feel out of place at this eatery which was full of families from Chandni Chowk and around as we walked in for a taste of their monsoon menu.

Meals at Chor Bizarre [so called because the place has been given the feel of a thrift store], are incomplete without their special Jal jeera. We quickly ditched the wine that we had ordered, since the jal jeera actually complemented the starters Patrani Macchi [Steamed banana leaf wrapped basa cooked in its own juices] and Anaari Gosht Boti [Sweet & sour pomegranate flavored lamb chops].

The lamb chops were succulent and juicy while the fish was fresh and nicely spicy. But that was just the beginning of a good food journey that left us gasping for breath — and without space to stomach the desserts. For main course, some brilliantly made.

Murg Gilouri Korma [Pan seared chicken breast stuffed with fresh betel leaf served in almonds & brown onion gravy] landed on our table, along with Bharwan Tindey [Stuffed apple gourd cooked in mild boiled onion gravy], Tulsi Aur Khajoor Pulao [Basil and Date Flavored Basmati Rice] and Sattu ka parantha [Whole Wheat Bread Stuffed with Barley Sattu and Cooked in Griddle].

While we were a little sceptical about the tindey [whoever has tinda when you are eating out!], we actually fell in love with it. The stuffing was delicious and the entire thing was so good that we actually asked for a second helping
[if you want to try at home, the chef has sent the recipe. See box].
Ditto about the Sattu parantha. The chicken korma, while it was tasty, should have been softer, we felt and we couldn’t find fault with the Pulao, which was just perfectly cooked.

Don’t satisfy yourself just by reading, this one actually calls for a visit.

Bharwan tinda


1.2 kgs Tinda
100gm Mix Melon Seeds
150gm Grated khoya
150gm Cottage cheese, finely chopped
20gm Ginger, chopped
20gm Green chillies, chopped
5gm Cardamom powder
5gm Yellow chilli powder
5gm Salt
For gravy
250gm Grated khoya
600gm Tomato puree
5gm Green cardamom
5gm Salt
10gm Red chilli powder
100gm Fresh cream
100gm Yellow butter


Take medium sized tinda. Clean, wash and peel and keep aside. With the tip of a peeler scoop out flesh of tinda, save the flesh and fry the shell and keep aside. In a sauce pan, saute melon seeds, cottage cheese, ginger, green chillies, salt, yellow chilli  powder, scooped flesh tindas and cook. Let the mixture cool. Stuff the tindas with the mixture. Keep aside. Meanwhile, prepare the gravy. In a pan heat yellow butter, add green cardamom, tomato puree, salt, red chili powder, khoya and cream. In sauce pan, heat the gravy and 4 pieces of stuffed tindas. Don’t move the pan vigorously so that the stuffing does not come out. Serve hot.


At: Chor Bizarre, Hotel Broadway, 4/15A, Asaf Ali Road
Timings : 12.30 pm to 3 pm (lunch) and 7.30 pm to 11 pm
Phone : 43663600
Meal for two : Rs 1,200-1,400 (plus taxes)
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