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Of mercurial moments

Of mercurial moments
Rashmi prefers to work in two mediums, Acrylics on canvas and Inks on paper.  Both mediums being water based, ensure the free flow of pigments to suit her expression. The suite of works on display can be divided into two specific series of works in very different mediums.

The acrylic on canvas series could be broadly seen as abstract expressionistic works, while the ink on paper works are a mix of abstractions and figurative elements in the form of line drawings embedded within the pigmented zones. Here the pigmented areas silently move into the background, like onlookers of a political rally, letting the figurations do the sloganeering, while they watch from the fringes. The two series of works cursorily appear to be from a similar oeuvre, owing to the vibrancy of colours used, but on closer observation, one would discern that they are rendered very differently and the results achieved are almost contrasting and opposite.

As  Mumbai based Art writer Sushma Sabnis says, 'Self taught artist Rashmi dabbles with a very potent mix of mercurial moments, fixing them permanently into memory through her works. The artist’s works could be seen as the cartography of Movement.This movement evokes a generosity of interactions, at times from the known or predictable, and at times unabashedly from the unknown, the unpredictable without hesitation. Thus, a creative dynamic environment is brought into existence where different streams join a tidal wave of activity, a creative delta is born. '

Gallery Five has been delivering consultancy in modern and contemporary Indian art to buyers, sellers, collectors and even those entering the market for the first time.

When : On till  7 January Where :  Gallery five, Old MB Road, Lado Sarai,

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