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Of laughs, gags and romance

Of laughs, gags and romance
Spring Fever Literary Festival, conducted by Penguin Random House at India Habitat Center on Lodhi Road, on its fifth day hosted the three romance novelists - Durjoy Datta, Aarya Babbar, and Sudeep Nagarkar - and their entourage of fans. The discussion was on love, friendship, on writing, and on life on the whole. The conversation was moderated by Urvashi Gulia, the author of My Way is the Highway.

The talks began with the analysis of each one’s writing procedure. The fans, as well as Urvashi herself, were eager to know how these boys did it. ‘There is no definite process to writing.’ said Durjoy, much to everyone’s dismay.

There is no flash of light, no moment of heavenly inspiration. I sit down in front of my laptop, staring a blank screen and I write in the good hope that each word made sense, to the one preceding it and to the one that it had succeeded.’ Durjoy began writing on the realization that he loved writing and wanted to keep on doing it. ‘The steady flow of pocket money that came my way helped too’, he said.

Sudeep on the other hand said that it was his desire to tell the real meaning of love and friendship that got him to write. The years of depression that ensnared him during college years and all that anger that had to find a way out, he said, directed him towards writing. And so he wrote four books on the topic love and friendship. ‘I do not care for money, prestige, but if my book can make a difference in someone’s life, it means the world to me.’ Aarya said he wrote to fill the empty phases in his life, when he was waiting in line for auditions or breaks during movie shootings.
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