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Of guns, girls and Aston Martin

Turns out, a not-so-in-shape Bond, who can shrug coolly when the Bond girl deflates like a doll, can get his mojo back when his getaway car – the sexy Aston Martin DB5 – is blown to smithereens. Oh well. Welcome to the world of shaken, but not stirred, Martinis and cars that can fire.

though, takes a break from the original Bond agenda –West’s super spies trying to bring world order. In Skyfall, we are taken on a no-dollar-spared personal vendetta trip. Oh, we get the usual Bond stuff, alright. But all that roof-top hopping and casino hunting in Turkey and China lead to one man, a former M16 agent – a nerdy maniac played by Javier Bardem who apparently rules the world with a laptop – with a strange fixation for M.

That established, and after a quick tour of subterranean London, it’s time to call spade a spade. So we drive along with Bond, M and Aston Martin – to which director Sam Mendes oh-so-lingeringly pays tribute – to a remote but stunning corner of Scotland to visit Bond’s past. Skyfall, Bond’s home in Scotland, turns a battleground. While Bond and M wait for the rogue agent to turn up, they prepare – given that it’s in the mid of nowhere, no fancy gadgets this time round. Just good ol’ hunting rifles, sawed-off shotguns and dynamites.

The 23rd film in the Bond series gets a bit touchy, sets things straight, introduces Ralph Fiennes for Bond continuum runs. Fleshes out Ms Moneypenny – gives a context to her razor-sharp tongue. As for Daniel Craig, he slouches for a bit, looking like he’s been through a wringer and then some more, but gets his act together for a couple of steamy scenes and the final Bond magic – where good always knocks evil off its feet. Of course, with a glass of shaken Martini in hand. In other words, Craig takes a bow in style [his last film for the series, so says the grapevine]. Only wish Mendes hadn’t deconstructed the-Javier-Bardem-that-we-know to fit him in the maniac mould.
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