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Of folklore and myths

Of folklore and myths
Art for Concern presents its annual show of traditional and folk art in an endeavour to help preserve and protect India’s artistic heritage. They bring the works of master craftsmen from across India. The proceeds from the sale of these artworks will go toward the grassroots programmes supported by Concern India Foundation.

The show will be held on January 15 and 16 January at Balassi Institute, Hungarian Information and Cultural Centre, Janpath in the Capital. India is a land of fascinating folklores and magical myths which are represented in myriad traditional and folk art forms. Every part of the country has a special way of showcasing these stories in colourful forms, which are unfortunately running the risk of dying out because of inadequate exposure.      

Art for Concern’s Traditional and Folk Art Show organised by Secure Giving is an attempt to showcase and preserve these indigenous art forms. Organised in aid of Concern India Foundation, the artworks at the Traditional and Folk Art exhibition are also available for sale. Being held in the capital for the very first time, the exhibition will showcase miniature art in various styles- Madhubani from Bihar, Mata ki Pachedi from Gujarat, Phad and Pichwai from Rajasthan, Gond from Madhya Pradesh, Kalamkari from Andhra Pradesh, Bronzes from Kumbakonam and Kalighat paintings from Kolkata. The Traditional and Folk Art Show is an attempt to give a window of exposure to the dying folk. According to Art for Concern’s Anjana Khanna, “The Traditional Art Show aims to promote traditional artists who have been practicing these art forms for years but are not getting enough exposure and recognition for their exceptional work.”

The proceeds from the exhibition will go towards Concern India Foundation, a registered, non-profit charitable trust working towards ‘Helping People Help Themselves’ by making the disadvantaged self-reliant and enabling them to lead a life of dignity. Set up in 1991, Concern India Foundation works in the area of education, health and community development supporting over 270 programmes across the country.

When: January 15-16 Where: Balassi Institute, Hungarian Information & Cultural Centre, 1-A, Janpath,
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