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Of contemporary art stories

 MPost |  2013-09-03 00:14:00.0  |  New Delhi

Of contemporary art stories

A group art show showing the best of Indian art through 95 works of almost 70 artists will be on display in an exhibition called Art in Testing Times in the Capital.  

The exhibition aims to show that art is very stable even in the upheavals and uncertainty that the world  economy is going through and is a very good long term investment provided you to buy the right artwork in the budget which a potential buyer may have. There are more than 60 well known and young contemporary artists participating in the show. 

This year there is a special focus would be on the tribal art also. This year’s Harvest shows like its predecessors, focuses on Indian contemporary art. This is the 13th year of this annual show. The show is curated by Payal Kapoor director of Arushi Arts.  

The roots of our contemporary artistic expressions are deep. That is why Jamini Roy can draw inspiration both from tribal scroll art of Bengal and French cylindrical drawing and create his own world of a global humanist vision.  Quite a treat for the art lovers, head over! 

WHERE: Stainless Art gallery

WHEN: 9 to 11 September. The Exhibition continues from 13 September till 30 October at Arushi Arts, The Gallery on the MG



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