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Of art and introspection

Of art and introspection
Looking Inward An Art Exhibition is a Group Show by 20 Artists, the show has been Curated by Elizabeth Rogers. The Exhibition is a part of the ongoing festival of Buddhism The Inner Path  directed by Aruna Vasudev.

The Artists who are participating are The 12th Kenting Tai Situpa , Shobha Broota, Arpana Caur, Jamyang Dorjee Chakrishar, Qamar Dagar, Vinita Dasgupta, Saba Hasan, Cannon Hersey,Jasleen, Rajeev Kumar , Bryan Mulvihill, Shefali  Munjal, Felicia Murray , Sohan Qadri , SirajSaxena, Niren Sen Gupta, Sidharth , Kshipra Simon, Deepak Tandon, Aruna Vasudev.

The Exhibition will be on from 21 – 24 November at the Alliance Francaise Lodhi Road. As this
exhibition is a part of a Buddhism Festival all the Artists have created their art works related to the same topic.

Creativity in art, even more so the spiritual, is an often misused, abused and misunderstood concept. How to render such an introspective, private process in an actual, tangible entity; such is the nature of art. The myriad manifestations are beyond sheer definition. The realms of sacred or spiritual inspiration inculcate complex relations between the artist and her/his work, and eventually the viewer. Historically, such work has required dedicated devotion, discipline and years of study. 

Contemporary practice takes beings on varied trajectories, deploying a complex lexicon of form, imagery and iconography. Looking Inward presents works by artists from varying geographical and personal backgrounds. An underlying thread is their quest for a broader meaning and circumference for their vision. Beyond the medium, whether painting, calligraphy, sculpture, photography or ceramics, such a sense of deeper significance to their visual representations reigns.

Buddhism in Art traditionally has evolved from the non-figural depiction of the Buddha to all forms. Thus, what imbues the creator is that upon which the energy of the work lies. As with meditation, the creative process delves into deeper levels of consciousness and awareness.

The path to explore, question, and understand involves and challenges all beings. It is hoped that this project shall proffer fertile ground for renewed discourse, examination and insight.

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