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Ode to spring

Spring, the season of life and rebirth, comes with an eternal treasure of bliss for mankind. Getting up in the early morning, to listen to the small bird singing on the tree, is like meditation. The birds utter the meaning of the wind - a voice of the grass, the flowers and the green leaves as they chirp in a melodious tone. Sweetness of dew and rifts of sunshine, the fragrance of the new bloom - all that is symbolic of spring-time are expressed in the canvases of the 14 artists.

A group art show by 14 artists was inaugurated in Noida on February 22 by Kavita Sharma, president,? South Asian University.?  The month-long show titled Spring Breeze, has upcoming and established artists from various parts of the country.   The show will be on till March 22, and there are about 100 paintings on display by various artists. The mood of the spring season reflects in various art works in the form of flowers, birds and musicians.  

The delicious wind rushes among the trees and they bow and rise; it touches the top of the peepal and banyan that gleam in the sun. As the first colour of spring appears in Nature, the panoramic view transforms into a muse for the artists.

According to Kavita Sharma, “Art should not be viewed just as a piece of work, rather to understand art, there is a need for art appreciation courses on weekends or on holidays so people can have an understanding of art and its nuances.”

The artists who have participated in the show are: Bhaskar Singha, Gautam Parth Roy, Suman Palakshi, Sandeep Passan, Surbhi Soni, Sonal Pandey, Reeta Roy, Puja Pandey, Santanu Sarkar, Monica Pandey,  Shekhar Mukherjee, Hemant Kumar, Kashinath Bose and Chitra Singh.
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