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Obama’s message on religious tolerance ‘universal’: US envoy

Days after the US President made a strong pitch for religious tolerance during an address here, US Ambassador to India Richard Verma on Friday downplayed that it was a subtle message to India, saying Barack Obama’s message was “universal” and he was speaking as much for American people as for Indians.

“This was a message that was for all people and not just people in India. It was universal. President likes to talk about these universal rights,” Verma said during an interview with Karan Thapar in his programme “To the point”.

“The words speaks for themselves and they are powerful. As are the words he said before that...that we seek out the best in people and that peace often starts within ones heart....

“...we also have to look at whats in hearts and minds of people, support their democratic aspirations, dreams, support for rights for equality and tolerance...he was talking as much to the American people and people around the world as he was to people of India,” Verma said.
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