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Nursery crimes

In a span of last six months, as many as six cases of child sexual molestation and rape have been reported from the capital, the most recent one being that of a three year old from a West Delhi school. It is heart-wrenching that children as young as two or three are sexually predated upon.

What titillates such paedophiles? Aren’t the thoughts of forcing oneself against the tender limbs of children who have barely learnt to walk upright, not dastardly enough for committers of such heinous crimes? Perhaps, it is not. The blame is usually heaped upon the sex addicts. It is perhaps the least that can be done, but aren’t the school authorities equally complicit? Shouldn’t it be their job to check all antecedents of the people they employ or in certain cases keep a check on their own libido which can cause a great deal of consternation? It seems they cannot and neither can they bring about changes in the archaic hiring processes that a country of 1.2 billion is party to.

It is sad when employers give a hint of their naivety about psychological tests, which are the only means to determine the state of mind of people. Psychological tests must be a determining factor or otherwise it may not become uncommon to find employers abscond in wake of severe police retribution when tragedy of such horrific nature does befall. Another case in point is that many of the people who are employed as caretakers come from such disparate backgrounds that manifestation of their sexual desires is in direct proportion to their vitiated economic status.

Illiterate, poverty stricken, these people many a times lose their ability to even comprehend what they are doing and in the thick of things, they commit acts which completely break down not only the child but also leave him or her scarred for the rest of their lives. Sexual deprivation as also sexual monstrosity is a serious ill, answer to which must be provided by the government, else the day is not far when no school in any part of the country, leave alone the capital would be safe enough and parents might be forced to teach their children at home.   
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