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NRI volunteers launch Lokpal to keep AAP ideals intact

NRI volunteers launch Lokpal to keep AAP ideals intact
Two NRI Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) volunteers – Jai Nath Misra (79) from London and Dr Munish Raizada (79) from Chicago – have launched an internal group called Lokpal (website:

Raizada said the purpose of Lokpal is to unite volunteers and rekindle in them the reason why the party was set up. The Lokpal will act as a pressure group to reclaim the ideals for which the party was launched such as the end of high-command culture through Swaraj, transparency in political funding and internal vigilance via Lokpal.

Misra said AAP is a volunteer-based party and it is important for volunteers and supporters to continue to act like Lokpal sipahis (soldiers) and be a watchdog for the party.

Raizada added that only the AAP could provide a model of alternative politics in India and for that to happen, it is important that it remains committed to its ideals and practises the politics of suchita (purity).
They said the Lokpal’s purpose is to strengthen the party. With the Lokpal, volunteers will be able to voice their concerns and opinions on various internal issues of the party and communicate to the party leadership.

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