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Nowadays, it's hard to have your song to be No 1: Olly Murs

Nowadays, its hard to have your song to be No 1: Olly Murs
Singer Olly Murs says he wants his song to be at number one position but it is hard for any artist to achieve that milestone these days.

The ‘Wrapped Up’ hitmaker said it has been more difficult than ever to secure that golden position after his latest track ‘You Don't Know Love’ has been one of the most played song of radio since its release but so far reached to the number 19 position only, reported Digital Spy. "For me, 'You Don't Know Love' has been successful and I'm enjoying it and it's gone well, but it's still not where I want it to be. I want the song to be Number 1. 

“I think it's hard now for any artist- especially UK artists to get a number 1. 

“I feel like the chart now, for breaking new artists, is harder, because the songs have to be incredible,” the singer said. 

Murs revealed that even his single has been on top for weeks on radio chart but that also did not help him much to take forward its popularity.

"I do think it's the way forward, but for example, my song has been No 1 on the radio airplay chart for the last couple of weeks, and that's amazing for me- it's huge.
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