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Now, riders to be fined for wearing sub-standard helmets

Now, riders to be fined for wearing sub-standard helmets
Riders beware! Now, Delhi Traffic Police will fine those who are found wearing a sub-standard helmet on a two-wheeler. ‘Most of the people wear helmets just to avoid the penalty. However, these sub-standard helmets fail to protect the rider during an accident’, said a senior traffic policeman. He also added that a special drive will be started from Thursday to identify riders with sub-standard helmets. ‘The defaulters will be challaned Rs 100’, he said.

According to Delhi Traffic police, around 80 per cent of the riders use inferior quality helmets. ‘It is a matter of serious concern that only 20 per cent of the total riders in Delhi wear crash helmets, that are actually meant to protect the head from injuries,’ the officer added.

The move of Delhi traffic police is welcomed by the citizens. ‘It is a very good initiative to be taken by traffic police and it will help in protecting many lives,’ said Rohan (21) who recently lost his elder brother in a road accident. On Thursday, maximum traffic cops will be deployed across Delhi to fine the offenders.

It is important to note that in India, every year more than 2,200 people are killed and more than 55,000 are injured in accidents involving two-wheelers.

In most of the cases, the major reason for the death is either the riders were wearing a sub-standard quality helmet or not wearing it at all. ‘More than 80 per cent of all motorcycle crashes result in injury or death to the motorcyclist,’ the official added.

‘It’s true that helmets won’ t prevent crashes, but they clearly will cut down on deaths and injuries when collisions occur,’ the official said.
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