Now, Imran Khan urges court to stop police brutality

Now, Imran Khan  urges court to stop police brutality
Addressing participants at the ongoing protest, Khan highlighted the sacrifices rendered by people for the supremacy of the judiciary, adding that it was the responsibility of the Supreme Court to fulfill its constitutional role in order to safeguard democracy, Dawn online reported.

He also said that protestors were now ready to battle with police after enduring their ‘unending brutality’.

He vowed that a ‘sea of protestors’ would gather at the sit-in on Friday and would remove obstacles and containers placed in an illegal manner and also made an allusion to a possible civil war in the country.

Imran Khan was engaged in a war of words with former chief justice Ifitkhar Muhammad Chaudhry after he accused the latter of alleged involvement in rigging in the 2013 elections but has expressed confidence in Chief Justice Nasirul Mulk.

Earlier on Monday, Imran Khan also called upon Chief Justice Nasirul Mulk to take suo moto notice of the police crackdown on peaceful protestors of his party.

Heaping scorn on Khan, Minister for Planning and Development Ahsan Iqbal said that the PTI chairman had now resorted to threatening the country’s top court, and added that Imran Khan’s maniacal desire to become the premier was proving to be expensive for the nation. He said that Imran Khan was threatening the Supreme Court to issue a judgment in his favour, otherwise there would be a civil war in the country.

The protests led by PTI chief Imran Khan and PAT’s Tahirul Qadri began on 15 August in an attempt to overthrow prime minister Nawaz Sharif, whom they have accused of rigging the 2013 general election.


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