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Now Eco Park to showcase Seven Wonders of the World

 Pradip Chatterjee |  2016-01-01 22:35:59.0  |  Kolkata

Now Eco Park to showcase Seven Wonders of the World

How would it feel if the visitors can have glimpses of all the Seven Wonders of the World together at one particular place? The dream will soon come true as the West Bengal Housing Infrastructure Development Corporation (Hidco) has taken up a project of setting up replicas of the Seven Wonders of the World at Eco Park in New Town.

The idea was mooted by the Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee who had asked the Hidco officials to chalk out the entire project details on how replicas of these monuments can be set up inside the Eco Park. Bengalis love to travel various places but it is not always possible for them to visit the Seven Wonders of the World. 

Keeping this in mind the project had been initiated. Banerjee after coming to power laid enough emphasis on the city’s beautification drive and many works have been done to make the city more beautiful. 

As a part of this drive, many more projects were initiated in New Town, Rajarhat and adjoining areas by the Hidco. Eco Park had always been a focus area of the Chief Minister. The park has already become one of the centre of attractions for the visitors from different states and abroad. 

A senior official of Hidco said replicas of the seven wonders will be 15-20 feet tall and they will be made of fibre glass. The seven wonders which will be replicated at the Eco Park are Taj Mahal from India, The Great Wall of China, Egyptian Pyramids, Christ the Redeemer in Brazil, Eiffel Tower in Paris, Machu Pichhu in Peru, Chichen Itza from Mexico. The monuments will be constructed on a 3 acre land inside the Eco Tourism Park. The land which has been identified for setting up the replicas is situated close to gate number 4 of Eco Tourism Park. Hidco officials have been working on to materialise the idea mooted by the Chief Minister who has already laid the foundation stone of Eiffel Tower in November.  

The main idea of the project was to attract more visitors especially children. Eminent sculptor Rupchand Kundu had been assigned to prepare the design of these replicas. Kundu has already come up with the design and the construction work will soon begin. The tendering process is underway. If everything goes as per plan the constriction work will be completed within one year, a Hidco official said. 

Debasis Sen, chairman of Hidco, said: “The construction work of all the replicas is expected to be completed within a year.  Preparations are being done. Eminent sculptor Rupchand Kundu is making the design. These replicas once they are complete will add on to the beauty of the Eco Park.”

Pradip Chatterjee

Pradip Chatterjee

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