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Now AAP outstation members can campaign

The Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) launched its ‘calling campaign’ on Monday here to convince voters in Delhi to vote for the party.

“We are using our party data bank which contains mobile phones numbers of our registered members. Anyone who wishes to join this campaign must register himself/herself with the party. Once party verify the application the person, s/he can participate in the campaign. After the verification of the volunteer, the party provides around 20-25 mobile numbers to a volunteer who can make the call at this number at his convenient time to promote the party and convince the voters to vote for AAP,” said Atishi Marlena, a senior AAP leader.

The campaigning will be conducted by the AAP supporters who live outside of Delhi and abroad and want to promote the party for coming election.

The volunteers have to pay their own mobile phone bill as party can does not reimburses it.

On the idea which led to the campaign, Marlena said, “People wanted to promote and work for the party and they wanted to take active part in this coming election. However it is not possible for them to come to Delhi, so we find this the best way to use them for the betterment of the party. It makes a good impression among the people,” said Marlena.
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