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‘Nothing new in Snowden leaks’

US fugitive Edward Snowden’s leaks regarding intelligence surveillance programmes in the world showed Russia ‘nothing new’, but hastened its drive to ensure cyber-security, deputy prime minister Dmitry Rogozin said on Monday.

‘Our technology experts didn’t hear anything unexpected, it’s just the naked truth that we already knew from other sources,’ Rogozin told journalists regarding the leaks made by the ex-NSA contractor, who is awaiting the result of his Russian asylum application in a Moscow airport. ‘The leaked information however pushes us to act and hastens the creation of our own base of electronic components which we cannot do without,’ Rogozin added.

Russia has long expressed concern that it relies overwhelmingly on foreign-made microchips and other components, even in its military sector.
‘The issue is information security. When we buy foreign machines, these machines are outfitted with programme support, which can have certain implants, and these implants can work at a certain moment to turn off the machine or to transmit certain information,’ ’ said Rogozin.

‘The key elements of this component base should be made on Russian territory,’ he added. Snowden has  been staying at Sheremetyevo airport since 23 June 23 while the US has demanded that Moscow hand him over to face felony charges.
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