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Note ban: Nothing will deter us from fighting, says Mamata

Note ban: Nothing will deter  us from fighting, says Mamata
Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee on Tuesday lashed out at Prime Minister Narendra Modi for his failure to set up an infrastructure before introducing cashless society which has led to economic disaster in the villages.

The Chief Minister tweeted late in the afternoon and expressed her concern. She tweeted: “Why is BJP government doing vendetta politics? Our party LS leader got 3 calls from CBI. Nothing will deter us from fight against demonetisation.” Banerjee said while talking to newsmen after the administrative meeting on Tuesday afternoon: “There is no money in the banks and ATMs and he is talking about PayTms. He did not make any planning and the whole country is facing a disaster.”

Banerjee said development work had been stalled due to the “arbitrary” demonetisation. Earlier, in Bankura, 30,000 people were engaged in 100 days work and now the figure has come down to 10,000. She said it was unfortunate that the workers could not withdraw their money from banks. “The labourers in the unorganised sector cannot withdraw their own money. So, how can they run their families and look after their children?” she asked.

She said the senior officials of a nationalised bank told her that the supply of currency notes was far less than what had been committed. “This is what the Centre is doing. They are making tall promises which are far from reality. We are paying the labourers in cheques. But as there is no money in banks, they cannot withdraw their own money. This is most unfortunate.” 

She said she had requested the bank authorities to open banks in villages. “The state government will lease out land to them at Re 1 as lease rent. But the response is feeble. The banks are not there and Modiji is talking about ATM and PayTm. He should understand the ground reality,” she said, adding: “More than 90 per cent villages in the country do not have banks. First set up banks and other infrastructure before making such long statements.” She said it had become difficult to get agriculture workers in the villages. 

After the meeting, she tweeted: “Held a review meeting in Bankura. Situation on ground very grim. With weekly limit of Rs 24,000, banks were supposed to give Rs 96,000 per month. For 100 days work, the workers get Rs 5000+ in a month. Banks are unable to give this amount also. What will the people eat? Banks admit that there is no cash. Even pension holders are not getting their money. And this is an area where there is bank. Imagine the situation in an area where there are no banks. There is cash crunch as well as bank crunch... Every day a decision is changed, it means this is an unstable government.”


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