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Note ban is economic robbery, says Rahul

Congress leader Rahul Gandhi turned poetic again on Friday to elucidate that demonetisation is “economic looting” camouflaged in a pious garb. 

“If this were actually an anti-corruption move, my party would be totally in favour of it but it isn’t anti-corruption, it is economic looting”, Rahul said at a rally in Almora.

While the Congress vice-president quoted poet Ghalib on Thursday, he quoted Bashir Badr on Friday to say that Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s demonetisation move is “callous, and has affected only the poor and done nothing against black money.” He was referring to those who had to stand in long queues, including daily wagers going without money and farmers having no access to cash to buy seeds to sow in the Rabi season.

“Log toot jaate hain ek ghar banane mein, tum taras nahi khaate grehastiyan jalane mein,” he said, quoting poet Bashir Badr. That loosely translates to: “People give their everything to build their homes and you mercilessly burn those households.” This, the Congress leader said: “Is the truth about a suit-boot ki sarkar” like that of the PM. “It cares only about industrialists and not the poor,” he added. The Congress leader kept hammering home the point that the Modi government is only for the rich. 
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