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Not enough female driven stories in Hollywood

Oscar-winning <g data-gr-id="104">scriptwriter</g> Diablo Cody feels it is hard to push for female-driven stories in Hollywood where the lead is not ‘necessarily sympathetic or bubbly’. “Obviously there is a situation in Hollywood, where there is not enough recognition for female writers, female directors or female-driven stories. It’s nice to be well known and to have people recognise what I have worked on, but what’s still hard for me, every time, is convincing people to make a film with a female lead who isn’t necessarily sympathetic or bubbly. And that’s hard,” Cody said at the recent Summer of Sony event in Cancun, Mexico. The scriptwriter-producer, 37, said while there are popular actors who can play grey parts and be still loved by the audience, it is not the same for female stars. 

“That’s where the problem really seems to be, is the idea of like how do we embrace a female scoundrel? It’s so easy for people to love Jack Nicholson or Warren Beatty in a certain type of role, but it’s harder for them to embrace Meryl Streep. So that’s what I have run into,” she said.
While Cody’s award-winning script Juno revolved around a teenager tackling her unplanned pregnancy, Ricky And The Flash is about a <g data-gr-id="33">rockstar</g> mother trying to reconnect with her resentful children. Directed by Academy award-winner Jonathan Demme, the film throws up questions about the conflict women face in juggling their career and family.

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