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Not allowed to recite poems to CM, woman threatens to blow up Nabanna

After being denied to meet the Chief Minister in order to perform her poetry in front of Mamata Banerjee, a Howrah woman, Baby Ghosh, made a hoax call at Nabanna on Saturday night saying a bomb has been planted at the state secretariat. She has been arrested after prolonged interrogation.

The incident is almost a mirror image of another one, where a Howrah youth called up at the Nabanna control room saying that the 14-storey building would be blown off. Sumanta Bhowmik, resident of Howrah’s Amta, was arrested by the detective department of Howrah City Police in connection with that incident.

Baby, a poet by passion, tried her best to reach Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee. Her desire was to read her poetry in front of the Chief Minister once in her life, but her efforts were for naught as she was denied entry by the security personnel there.

On Saturday night, the woman dialled Nabanna’s number saying that she had information which can awaken the police from their ‘slumbers’. She said, Nabanna would be blown off and she has much information regarding this.

The Shibpur police station called her up to interrogate. “She might be mentally stressed. She said that she did it because of her anger towards the security personnel. She wished to read poems in front of Chief Minister,” a detective department officer said.

However, it is to be recalled that the state secretariat received an anonymous call threatening to blow it off on Friday afternoon as well. The husky male voice even threatened dire consequences to the police claiming that they could not do anything other than watch the building be reduced to rubble after the explosion.

A huge police force, jointly operated by Kolkata and Howrah City Police, started raiding the whole 14 storey building one room at a time, but could not get find suspicious items. These incidents happened just a few days after two hoax calls were made threatening to blow off the Netaji Subhas Chandra Bose International Airport – Kolkata. The Kolkata Police headquarter Lalbazar and Bidhannagar Police have received those calls where a voice threatened to blow off the airport. One person was arrested in connection with the case.

The police had a tough time as thorough security check-ups were underway at Nabanna. Every room of the gigantic building have been checked.

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