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North-East India prime spot for party pills

North-East India prime spot for party pills
Party pills that are in high demand among the youth are allegedly sourced from North-East India. The drug rackets busted so far, in Delhi or the other parts of the country, were found to be connected to the North-Eastern regions. It has been found that these pills are in high distribution in Delhi, Mumbai, Goa and Pune. But the cops are unable to crack the nexus of the supply chain so far.

Documents in possession of Millennium Post, reveals that in the year 2011, about 1,07,40,135 drugs tablets were seized from Mizoram and coming to this year around 62,79,272 tablets have been seized by the officials of narcotics department.

Each pill cost ranges from Rs.400 to Rs.600, depending upon the customer and the deal between both the parties.
Mizoram also stood first in the race of number of cases registered against the drugs racket in the city. For the same, 260 persons have been arrested in 2011 and 129 were found guilty in the drug rackets till May 2012.

Drug trail stains are quite strong in Manipur as well. In the first five months of this year, about 50 lakh party pills have been seized by the cops that excludes the narcotic drugs. 33 persons have been arrested so far in connection with the supply and in-take of these drugs. However, in Assam 2,857 persons have been arrested since 2011.

When Millennium Post contacted the Narocotics & Crime Prevention Cell, a senior police official revealed indepth information about these party tablets.

'These party pills are well known as Esctacy. In parties, these pills are very popular and has become a status symbol among the youth. A feeling of inner peace and self-acceptance generates after these pills are in-taken,' said the official.

The official added that the dosage of these pills are so heavy that it cannot be consumed directly. That is why it is often adulterated and mixed with the either soft or hard drinks. The scientific name of this pill is MDMA but it is widely known as ecstacy and are in high demand in capitals.a
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