North Bengal canines reeling under parvovirus threat

North Bengal canines reeling under parvovirus threat
North Bengal is reeling under the threat of parvovirus that has affected many pets including dogs.

News of the pets being killed by the virus has also reached the District headquarters. The animal resources development department has decided to launch a massive campaign to create awareness among the people.

The weather that is prevailing in the area now is ideal for the growth of parvovirus. A dog afflicted by the disease suffers from high fever coupled with nausea and diarrhoea. 

They develop weakness and survive for 4-5 days after the attack of the virus. It is advisable to take a dog to the vet if it is suffering from fever and loss in appetite. 

The dogs become lethargic and refuse food. They prefer to stay in one corner of the room.

The dogs which are liable to be affected are of the age between 2 and 6 years. Everyday 8-10 dogs are being affected. The cause of the virus is yet to be known and there is no definite treatment.

A senior official of the district animal resources development said that dogs aged between 2-6 years are mostly afflicted with the disease. 

The virus first appeared in January. Even the puppies which were vaccinated died due to the virus. Various campaigns have been initiated in the district. 

The district administration is yet to announce whether the human being is vulnerable to the virus.
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