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No takers for Vijay Goel’s Janata Adalats

The much-hyped ‘Janata Adalat’(public meetings) programme of Delhi BJP chief Vijay Goel is losing its charms among councillors as most of them now find it a futile exercise.
These meetings are so close to the heart of the city BJP chief that he highlighted it in Goa convocation of the pary on 9 June as his achievements and part of the poll preparation in Delhi.

‘We have offices in our wards with attendants and almost everybody in the ward knows the office. It’s a better option to sit in the office and help the needy there,’ said a councillor from North Delhi Municipal Corporation on condition of anonymity.
He further added that according to the directions of the party chief he organised Janata Adalats for three-four times but it was not fruitful.

The party chief has ordered the party councillors in the three municipal corporations to organise Janata Adalats in their wards on every Tuesday and Saturday for two hours in the morning from 1 June.
The councillors, however, used the opportunity for their own publicity by organising a few Janata Adalats and inviting senior party leaders.
Another councillor from East DMC area said, ‘The councillors should have been asked to give more time in their wards and work with people or organise these events in their ward offices. It’s also a tough task to advertise the venue of the Janata Adalats as people in these days are too busy to notice such things.’

He further added that the party should have consulted the councillors before announcing
the decision. A councillor from South DMC also echoed similar views, ‘It’s a tough task to organise a Janata Adalat in the main market that too for two hours only. I sit in my office for the entire day and am available for people round-the-clock.

They contact me whenever they are in need,’ he said.
The councillors, however, are not expressing their dissent due to upcoming Delhi assembly elections but most of them have stopped organising Janata Adalats.

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