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No real worries for McLaren: Button

No real worries for McLaren: Button
“We expected this test to be tricky, and the next two days probably won’t be plain sailing, either. But people have short memories. Look at last winter; the first test of 2014 was very tough for everyone too,” said the 2009 champion.

“So there are no real worries at the moment. We’re just hopeful we’ve solved our issue. The last run of the day seems to have sorted the problem out, so I hope on Wednesday will be a little easier,” he added.

After sensor problems limited Spanish team mate Fernando Alonso to just six laps on the first day of pre-season testing at Jerez on Sunday, Button managed only the same amount. The team, who are starting a new era with their Japanese partners returning to the sport after a six-year absence, had worked overnight to rectify Sunday’s problems but a new one emerged once the car was back out on the track.

Button carried out a number of installation laps but the engineers then decided to investigate more deeply and believed they had found the cause. Button did one more trouble-free lap before the day’s session ended. “Tuesday was another tricky day, but we feel like we’ve overcome the main issue that affected our running during the first two days of the test,” said Honda’s motorsport head Yasuhisa Arai.

“Despite our lack of mileage, it’s been an important learning process for our engineers, who’ve really started to develop a close working relationship with everybody at McLaren, that’s a big positive. For on Wednesday, we’re hopeful that we’ve moved on, and that we can get some more laps completed,” he added.
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