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No possibility of nuke war between India and Pak, says Chinese expert

No possibility of nuke war between India and Pak, says Chinese expert
Here to attend the three-day 16th Asian Security Conference, organised by the Institute of Defence Studies and Analyses beginning on Wednesday, Prof Yan Xuetong, of the well-respected Tsinghua University said: ‘When China is modernising the navy, it is in the global context. Globalisation has made our interests spread all over the world, not in the context. Every year over 18 million Chinese tourists annually visit various places across the world. Some of them can be caught by coup-d’etats, earthquake, tsunami, natural disasters, human disasters like Libya. We have to bring them home. We now have the naval capability to do that.’

He added: ‘In my understanding, as our economic interests and social interests are globalised, we have to do these things. We cannot rely on others to help us.’

Prof Yan, who is the dean of the university’s Institute of Modern International Relations, also told this correspondent that he doesn’t consider there is a possibility of a nuclear war between India and Pakistan.

When asked whether China appreciates the fact that Pakistan is nuclear weapon state that is waning or a government, or even there is no assurance whether the nuclear weapons of the country are under civilian control, he said: ‘This is typically an American argument. Tell me which nuclear weapon state is stable. China cannot de-nuclearise the US, UK, or even North Korea. Can we denuclearise India or Pakistan? We do not have the capability. No other country has the capability also.’

He explained that China wishes for total nuclear disarmament. But the Americans do not agree. ‘When we talk about zero nuclear weapons, they say ‘tell us how much should we reduce.’

The erudite Chinese visitor, who heads or is a member of numerous policy prescriptive committees of the nation, offered a unique idea in terms the US’s unilateralism in terms of dealing with issues like terrorism.

He said: ‘Globalisation does not allow any country to operate unilaterally. Last October, (Chinese president) Xi Jinping gave a speech where he talked about three regions: the overland Silk Road, maritime Silk route, and a region including India, Bangladesh, Myanmar, China economic accord. The bilateral route should be about regionalisation. Then no one can get into unilateralism.’
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