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India has finally woken up to the danger of unabated antibiotics use/abuse with the Indian Medical Association (IMA) having launched a nationwide drive to educate doctors to not turn human beings into drug-resistant organisms. Actually this move should have come earlier when a Princetown study named India as the world’s largest consumer of antibiotics with a 62 per cent increase in use over the past decade. Nonetheless, we should breathe a sigh of relief that IMA has at least found the issue to be of any relevance because any let down further, would have had devastating repercussions. Everyone is in the line of fire including the general populace and the doctors. Indians have a bizarre fetish of popping pills for every small illness and we don’t even need a doctor’s prescription for the same. It doesn’t matter if a new antibiotic has been found in the past two decades or not, what matters is that if we start losing lives to an outlandish habit of shoving pills inside our mouth; the day would not be far when deaths in dozens will be reported to excessive drug overdose. It is important that people realise that drugs and especially antibiotics should only be taken, firstly, after consulting a recognised medical practitioner and secondly, after self verifying all its antecedents. Doctors, for the sake of justifying their professional fee, should also be severely reprimanded if in case there emerges a precedence of prescribing antibiotics unnecessarily. While it is recommended to visit a doctor for a thorough examination bi-annually, it may also be suggested that before going to the pharmacist to purchase the medicines, all sorts of queries should be put across which the doctor is bound to answer. Because if the queries remain unanswered now, consider it certain that the prescriptions will also have no bearing in the future. We will indeed be living with resilient microcosms, turning us into dead meat.
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